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About Chhura

Chhura is a very small village in Raipur District of Chhattisgarh State. It is headquarter or main village of Chhura thesil, one of the 15 tehsils of Raipur District. The village is located approximately 90 kms away from headquarter city of Raipur. Talking about characteristics, then it is like any other typical small village where many important infrastructures in areas of healthcare, transportation etc are still very much missing. You’ll find all the typical and expected information as well as some of the not so talked about aspects about this small village in our all below paragraphs.

About Chhura
Jatmai Mata Temple near Chhura in Chhattisgarh

Economy of Chhura

Agriculture plays a very critical role in sustaining the economy of Chhura. Most of the people here are engaged directly or indirectly in agricultural sector. Other competing sectors like industrial sector also make some marginal contribution to the economy. There are few small scale factories operating in this village as well as many in adjoining towns. These few small scale factories generate much needed employment and revenue for this economically underdeveloped village. And there is unorganized service sector that equally makes pretty marginal contribution to the economy as well.

Healthcare Services in Chhura

There are just few hospitals coupled with few Community Healthcare Centers (CHC) and Primary Healthcare Centers (PHC) operating in and around Chhura in Chhattisgarh. Furthermore, there are very less numbers of qualified doctors and specialist doctor, which again is expected for a rural village like this. The only respite that local patients can have is that there are pretty decent numbers of chemist shops here. This at least ensures that local patients here don’t have to travel to other towns for buying general medicines.

Community Health Center
Address: Chhura Ho, Raipur - 492001
Phone no:+(91)( 7701) 266200

Reputed Hospitals near Chhura

MMI Narayana Multispeciality Hospital
Address: Dhamtari Road, Near Lalpur Raipur Ho, Raipur-Chhattisgarh – 492001
Phone no: +(91)-771-4210999, +(91)-9755550817

Ramakrishna Care Hospital
Address: Aurobindo Enclave, Nh 43, Dhamtari Road, Pachpedi Naka, Raipur-Chhattisgarh - 492001

Transportation in Chhura

Number of state run buses do ply from Chhura connecting it to many other parts of Raipur and also neighboring districts. However, Chhura town does not have a railway station of its own. The nearest railway station are Bagbahra railway station and Komakhan railway station - both located 32.2 KM away. Another major railway station that is located in proximity is Mahasamund Railway Station – located some 35 kms away. Local commuters for traveling across village and also to neighboring village have to solely depend on auto rickshaws, whose numbers are just about decent enough. Although their total numbers are obviously not very flattering, but they assume a very critical role, understandably so as there is no other alternate option available in this village.

Banking in Chhura

Owing to overwhelming absence or very minimal presence of reputed commercial banks, banking sector here is highly unorganized. This is to say that most of the financial services are handled by private money lenders and small micro finance institutions. However, at the same time it must be acknowledged that existing few banks are playing an equally important role and are very much making their presence felt here. Their most important contribution being that they are helping to inculcate banking culture in this rural village, which is very minimally present here.

State Bank of India
Address: Chhura, Raipur-Chhattisgarh – 493996
Phone no: +(91)-7701-2266129

Chhattisgarh Gramin Bank
Address: Main Road, Chhura, Raipur-Chhattisgarh - 493996
Phone no: +(91)-7701-266271

Police in Chhura

Chhura is neither plagued by naxal insurgency nor do any serious criminal elements reside here, making this town very peaceful and stable in every way possible. However, despite overwhelming peace a small police station does operate in the very heart of this town. This small police station fully ensures that all pity and small crimes that do take place here are looked into and resolved quickly. Besides, this police station also has task of taking all precautionary measures during festivals and Panchayat elections.

Chhura Police Station: (07701) 66143

Chhura at a glance

Country: India
District: Raipur
Population: 6,095 – 2011 census
Pin code: 493996
Std code: 07701
Nearest Railway Station: Bagbahra railway station and Komakhan railway station

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